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TOPIC: My comment collections regarding "how to study"

My comment collections regarding "how to study" 4 years 11 months ago #1127

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I hope you are a new student of biological science stream of advance level.

There are very few first and most important things that you have to consider more;
01. Confident :
You should have a clear self confident that you can study and succeed in the biological stream. Over confident is little bit dangerous and sometime it also helps; But I personally advice you to have enough confident on you!
02. Positive thinking:
Most of the students of Biological stream usually think negatively that the biological stream is very hard to study and medicine is very hard achieve. It is completely wrong if you understand that there are more than 1000 students succeed their studies in biological stream annually and enter the medical faculties in Sri Lanka. So you should have a positive thought on your field.
03. Sacrifice:
In every fields, the success depends on your hard work and sacrifice. In biological stream, I think there are hell lot of thinks to sacrifice for the studies as you have to sacrifice more if you become a doctor also. So please practice sacrifice from your advance level.
04. Hard work:
Hard work is the key to success in any fields specially in biological stream. Even less intelligent people achieve their goals due to hard work. In other hands, more intelligent people loose to achieve their goals as they don't practice hard work. And I hope that Intelligence can also be increased if you work hard
05. Practice more:
Practice is another key of success specially in exams. Advance level is completely exam oriented. You should study and practice within your borders.Practising on pass papers and model papers of all three subjects wil definitely help you!

I hope I have mentioned some basic things. You can refer my articles on this page also.
And if you have more doubts, please ask us, we are ready to help.
And if you ask question specifically, it will be very easy to solve your problems.
Thanking you!

Writing answers to essay questions depends on your study pattern.
There are some easy ways to answer an essay question in biology.

1. Create a sketch:
For example, if you have asked to write about the cardiac cycle, the phases of cardiac cycle should come in your mind and write it first. Then you can describe each and every phase with details. For this you should have a sketch before you write the answer. So when you study, please create some sketches for the topics which can come to the essay questions. On those sketches, no need of descriptions, just write the outline and keep it with you. When you practice pass papers and model papers, take those sketches and try to build the answer above them. It will be very easy to you. The practise is important.

2. Draw diagrams and tables whenever possible:
In the example, you can draw the cardiac cycle as a diagram and then you can describe. If you have asked to write about the structure of heart then you can draw the picture of the heart, label it, then it will be very easy for you to explain further using that picture.
For this also, you should have some practice. When you prepare sketches for the essay question, you also try to create some diagrams, and pictures and attach them also with those sketches. Try this, definitely it will help you.

3. Don't try to memorize everything when you study.
For example, when you have asked to write about the structure of heart, you know that the heart has four chambers, you don't have to remember this thing and waste time when you are study for the exams. You know that clearly and definitely, so don't have to recall again and again those things. Memorize only the things that you forget regularly, then you practise to write answer for the essay question. While you write, you will miss some points, note those points separately and keep recalling them.

4. Try to create some essay questions and try to write answer for them:
Create your own essay questions within the limit of your syllabus and answer that question using sketch and diagrams. It will improve your answer writing skill and sometimes those questions can come for your exams luckily.

5. Keep practising:
Writing answer to essay question is an art. So you should have quite enough practise to get mastered in it. Keep writing answers for several questions and correct them. It will raise your knowledge as well as skill.

6. Study using mind maps, short notes, diagrams and sketches. Always study a topic with questions. Don't forget to practice question after you study any topics in any subjects. A/l is an exam oriented one. So always be with your pass papers and model papers.


Never ever think that you have lost your memory!
You are having a wonderful memory power which can perform its function in two ways:
1. Short term memory
2. Long term memory

Studying advanced level is an exam oriented learning; so you have to consider a/l exam as your major target and use your memory according to it.
Exam oriented learning includes both short term and long term memory.
Short term memory is the memory which you can memorize for a short term.
Eg: Studying before the day of exam
Long term memory is the memory which you can memorize for long term.
Eg: Studying everyday

It is better to develop long term memory than short term memory as short term memory last only for short period of time.
To increase your long term memory following techniques can help you
1. When you study anything which is needed to be memorize, follow this method:
a. Read the subject contents that you have to study
b. Make some questions related with the subject contents
c. Read superficially all the subject with the expectation of answers for your questions
d. Read deeply with understanding and for further details
e. Review the things finally
f. Make short notes, diagrams and mind maps and keep them with you
g. revise those shortnotes, diagrams and mind maps when you need them
h. Do and note the a/l questions related with the subject

2. When you study any subject, concentrate on the subject. To improve your concentration;
a. Have an interest on studies and the particular subject
b. Away from unnecessary attractors while studying : TV, mobile, computer etc.
c. Read little bit loudly and study, then your ears also concentrate on the subject
d. Study like teaching, then your all senses will work together

3. Teach and discuss the subject which you have learnt with others. It will really improve your memory.Try and see

4. Don't study continuously. Your memory also having a capacity
So study for around 50 minutes then take a 5-10 minutes break. then continue
If you do like this, then you will feel refreshed and your memory will be fresh to take new things

5. Study for term test. Before a/l exams you will have around 6 term tests
So before the term tests, study hardly for the those tests. This learning will make short term memory, But when you practise it 6 times again and again for each and every term then the subject will be very familiarized to you and the short term memory will be converted into long

Wish you all the success
Thilshan Nizam
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My comment collections regarding "how to study" 4 years 5 months ago #5498

Great :) (y)
தவறுகள் மறைக்கப்பட கூடாது... திருத்தப்பட வேண்டும் ...!!!
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My comment collections regarding "how to study" 4 years 5 months ago #5502

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thank u bro
Im Shafna. Doing my A/L Exam this year... I want everyone to make prayers to me too to get 3A Aameen.. please do not forget.! your prayers are so valuable to me.. please :) (y)
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My comment collections regarding "how to study" 4 years 5 months ago #5515

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Thank you so much for your advises.:)
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My comment collections regarding "how to study" 4 years 5 months ago #5589

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Thank you so much brother!
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My comment collections regarding "how to study" 4 years 3 months ago #8828

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thank you for the information!
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