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New Forum Rules! 2015.03.03

02 Mar 2015
Following these rules are very important!

Following these rules will help you to resolve your problem very easily when you are writing your next New Topic!
Texts in red color are very important! Please read and follow these well!
When you Click "New topic" button, there will be mainly 4 areas.
  1. Category
  2. Subject
  3. Message
  4. Attachment

1. Catergory
  • Don't put everything with in "Chit Chat"
  • Select the appropriate category.

  • Write the subject meaningfully. So everyone can understand easily.
  • Include years/months/question numbers when necessary.

Wrong subject/ Not meaningul vs Right subjects/ Meaningful
  • Physics doubt - Doubt in Mechanics - Friction
  • Chemistry doubt - Doubt in chemical calculation
  • Physics mcq - Doubt in physics MCQ 2006/25
    (When you are asking a doubt from a past paper, always write the year and numbers!)
  • Marking scheme - I need 2013 A/L marking scheme.
  • Royal paper - I need 2013 July Royal physics paper.

3. Message
  • Describe the question clearly!
  • If you want the answer for a question, then please attach the question (Very important).
  • Attaching the photo of the question is more preferable!
  • Eg: If you post a message like "How to do 2006/25 question" without attaching the whole question, you will not be answered!
  • When you attach TEXT DESCRIPTION OF THE QUESTION! (Include every single necessary datas!)

Requesting educational materials

If you want to request an educational material, please follow these steps.
Don't ask everything at once.
Example 1:
If you ask "I need Royal college Physics, Chemistry & Biology papers of 2014", you will not get anything.
But if you ask "I need RC 2014 july grade 13 physics paper", the chance of getting it is too high!

4. Attachement
ATTACH A PHOTO or WORD DOCUMENT (Use "Latha" font only)
  • Attaching the photo of the question is more preferable!
  • After you attach the question, click "Insert" Button.

When your problem is resolved
"Thank you" Button
When you get your topics solved, don't forget to PRESS "Thank you" BUTTON. It motivates them to help more.

When your problem is not resolved or when you wish to bring a topic up
BUMP = Bring Up My Post
When a forum post/topic seems to be important/useful to others, then it is good to bring the topic to the top of the recent discussions. Replying to a topic will bring up the post. But what to reply? That is a question!
So "BUMP" is commonly used in forums as a solution!
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