What is the capacity of our brain?

1 month 4 weeks ago #22492 by Ishak
And sir!
What is the memory capacity of a human..is it depends on each other...like can someone get memorized all kinda of knowledge
ex- X person is professional in medicine,accounting,mathematics and more

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1 month 4 weeks ago #22493 by Dr. Afdhaal
Hello Ishak,

When was an A/L student, I compared my brain to a computer hard disk and I thought it is going to fill one day. But our brain works a little differently. Think of it as a muscle that grows with exercise. Your brain neural network connection grows with the more you practice your brain. It is like a growing hard disk,

Simply you can memorize anything. It all depends on where you store your memory. The more you practice, the easier for you to recall a memory. The more time passes, the difficult it is to recall the memory. Recalling means you are retrieving your memory.

So for the time being, there is no limit to your memory capacity. You will recall and remember what you practice. Though doctors study lot of things, we forget most of them and only remember the most important areas. But still since we studied them, we have some kind of an idea to recall them by going through a book.


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