M.F Afdhaal

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 I love self development + Motivating people.
 Also I love to teaching in innovative, effective & Simple


  • Consitency is mother of mastery.
  • If people don't laugh at your dreams - It means your dreams aren't big enough.



 It's secret... :P

O/L Result


 7A & 2B

A/L Result

Z Score


 Physics-A , Biology- A , Chemistry- A

 Island rank - 237



 Kg/ Nooraniya M.M.V

 D.S Senanayake College

 Zahira College, Mw


Article writing topics


 I mainly focus on site development. Also I write articles under every topics.

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 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other informations

iStudyroom is my hobby, my work and my passion. I started to develop educational websites since 2010.


I did bio stream for A/L. 

I enter medicine with my First shy A/L.

Results: A, 2B (Physics-A Biology-B Chemistry-B). Z-Score 2.11


But I did 2nd Shy too,

Results: 3A, 2.1455 Island rank - 237

My objective: "Give free education via new technologies in effective innovative ways!". 


 Feel free to contact me.. :)